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The R.F. Strickland Company located in Concord, Georgia, is a historical building that has been beautifully restored to host events such as weddings, reunions, parties, ballroom dancing and much more.  Visit for more information.  Call 404.655.8268 or email for availability and rental rates.


I am the fifth generation and last to operate a family business in this building.  My great-great grandfather was the first Strickland in this area in the 1830's, then known as "Hardhead." One of his older sons was R.F. Strickland.  He began his business in Griffin, Georgia around 1887 and with his brothers developed the farming and mercantile business that prospered here in Concord.  This building, built in 1907, was the third building to house the general store, bank and company offices. The hardest thing I had to do was close this historically old business in 1992.  Due to the efforts of Mayor Sonny Story the building has been preserved for future generations and the city of Concord to enjoy.  As mayor of Concord now, along with our city council, hope our efforts will make your enjoyment in this venue enjoyable.

- Mayor John P. Strickland -






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