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4 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER POUR OR FLUSH DOWN THE DRAIN! Grease – Note that this includes cooked/melted fat from meat, poultry, sausage, bacon, skin as well as gravy. Cooking oil – Mixes very easily with all other waste and contributes greatly towards creating drain blockages. Oil can be drained and stored for re-use instead of flushing it down drain. Along with grease and all fats, contributes nearly fifty percent to over thirty thousand sewer overflows across the United States. Don’t forget that salad dressings and mayonnaise are also oils that should not be discarded down drains. Feminine hygiene products and condoms are major contributors to obstructions in the city’s sewer system. Flushable Wipes – Wet wipes, for instance, contain congealed grease and will not disintegrate like toilet paper does.

2021 Rate by Consumption

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