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Effective April 30, 2023, wireless internet charges will be billed on monthly water bills.

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4 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER POUR OR FLUSH DOWN THE DRAIN! Grease – Note that this includes cooked/melted fat from meat, poultry, sausage, bacon, skin as well as gravy. Cooking oil – Mixes very easily with all other waste and contributes greatly towards creating drain blockages. Oil can be drained and stored for re-use instead of flushing it down drain. Along with grease and all fats, contributes nearly fifty percent to over thirty thousand sewer overflows across the United States. Don’t forget that salad dressings and mayonnaise are also oils that should not be discarded down drains. Feminine hygiene products and condoms are major contributors to obstructions in the city’s sewer system. Flushable Wipes – Wet wipes, for instance, contain congealed grease and will not disintegrate like toilet paper does.

Fees and Terms of Agreement •The City of Concord agrees to provide 25mbps service (unlimited with no contract) •Monthly fee is $45 (inside city limits) $55 (outside city limits) •Basic Installation non-refundable fee is $175. Installation will increase if more than 100’ of cable is required for install and/or customer personalizes equipment setup. This fee is payable to Bandwidth Solutions, LLC at the time of the installation. •Equipment is owned by the City of Concord and is programmed specifically to only operate when connected to the City of Concord wireless internet. If service is terminated the modem must be returned to city hall and arrangements to remove exterior equipment will be made by the city. Billing is paperless •Bills will be sent via email. (Please make sure you write clearly when providing below.) •Your invoice is due on the first of each month, however, you will receive the invoice prior to this date via email. Please note: This payment cannot be combined with other City of Concord utility or tax bills. •You will receive an invoice on the first, however you will also receive a reminder prior to the 1st of the upcoming bill. •A $10 late fee will be added if bill is not paid by the 7th. •On the 16th of the month service will be terminated until the balance has been paid. •You may pay your bill in one of the following ways: - online at - at city hall between Mon thru Friday 8am-4pm or after hour drop box - mail to City of Concord at P O Box 175, Concord, GA 30206 TO INQUIRE ABOUT SERVICE: Email include your name, physical address and a contact phone number

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